David Reagan, Criminal Defense Attorney

Oakland, CA

I have worked with Mr. McCurley for a number of years. Some of the projects include California state appeals, federal habeas corpus petitions, writ petitions in civil court, record clearance petitions, and trial court motions. His work in each of these fields is excellent. Whenever Mr. McCurley assists me with a project, I know that my briefs will be precise, well researched, and persuasive. One of the reasons I favor Mr. McCurley over other attorneys is that he has an eye for the crucial facts that the court will view as important when ruling on the case, and he emphasizes why those facts are in our favor.  What is more, his analysis of case law clarifies the pertinent rule, rather than making it more complex. I trust Mr. McCurley in serious cases involving life sentences, and I know that even in my most minor cases he will do quality work. I highly recommend him.

Eloy trujillo, Criminal Defense Attorney

San Francisco, CA

John McCurley has been a valuable resource to my practice for years. He is a talented writer and legal researcher and has a great deal of experience with a wide variety of criminal and quasi-criminal cases. When I give him a project, I can be confident it will be done right. Mr. McCurley has worked with me on countless appeals and pretrial motions on cases ranging from misdemeanor DUI’s to serious felonies. He also has excellent knowledge of writ practice, Penal Code section 290 registration, and post conviction relief. I highly recommend him.

JAMIL KARWASH, Criminal Defense Attorney

Hayward, CA

I’m a criminal defense attorney in the San Francisco Bay Area. John McCurley has been a colleague of mine for a number of years. John is a knowledgeable and accomplished attorney. He is reliable and easy to work with. I regularly consult with him on criminal appeals and other cases which involve significant amounts of research and writing. I have no reservations about recommending him. 

Ernesto castillo, Criminal Defense Attorney

Oakland, CA

I’ve known and worked with John McCurley for years. Although I handle all sorts of criminal cases, a large portion of my cases involve homicide and other serious felony charges. John frequently assists me with Penal Code section 995 and other pretrial motions on my cases. He is an effective and persuasive writer. He does high quality work and has a good understanding of the legal issues in my cases and how they should be litigated. I strongly recommend him.